eToggler About us

About us

eToggler was founded by lazy geek, you can call him “Founder”.

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find the easiest way to do it”.
---Bill Gates

It’s the dedication that has resulted in the birth of eToggler. After years of experience in staffing industry, our founder decided to change the way how people reach prospects, and how they build sales & marketing lists. He believes in the technology and knows how it can be leveraged when mixed with innovation.

While working until late hours building prospect lists for every job, it made him think to take a short cut. He came with an idea of doing it automatically and after months of research and development he finally came with the idea of making a product which will save both cost and time.
eToggler does all the heavy lifting of data and algorithms so you can save time and money when building email-marketing lists. It was never this easy.

Lucky Vashisth
Founder & CEO
Lucky Vashisth is an entrepreneur with a unique passion for technology. He studied in Mumbai University and since 2015 he has mainly focused on the development of a website aimed to provide prospect list of candidates with Email for recruiting, Marketing, Sales among other purposes. Etoggler is the only solution that allows users to create lists of his/her interest within a minute.