I need to find email for an individual?

Sign in and go to Find Email section. Fill the box with name of the person and type company name to select company from auto fill. In the event auto fill doesn’t suggest right company you need to fill the domain section. Please note domain must be like xyz.com.

Can I upload a list to append email?

Yes of course, Sign in and go to Find Email Group section. Download one of the sample file and paste the data accordingly, save it and upload. It may take a while to return the data with email address. Once the data is appended don’t forget to export before moving to another page or logging out. You will lose the data if you don’t export.

How do I build the list using eToggler’s Chrome extension?

It’s simple. Install the chrome extension and on the top right of the chrome browser you will see icon of eToggler. Click to open and fill the title box, company name etc. and hit Search button. It will open new tab with social profiles in google. You can choose your prospect by clicking on blue button beside each google result that reads “Add to eToggler”. If you want to add all the results on the page you may select any of the buttons on the left bottom that reads “Add selected” or “Add and Next page”. To view the results go to Prospect List Or simply click on “View Results”on the left bottom of google page.

Where can I download chrome extension?

You can download it from the homepage of eToggler or from the dashboard.

Do the subscription credits roll over to next month?

No. You are requested to utilize all credit within the number of valid of days.

Why do I get message “You have reached the limit”?

It simply means you have run out of plan credits and need to upgrade membership plan or wait for Free plan to reassign credit. Free plan usually credits every 24 hour.

How accurate are the emails?

Generally the emails are correct but we do not guarantee.